At Phở Saigon, we serve delicious southern-Vietnamese-style cuisine to our valued customers in a family-style setting. We believe in prompt, courteous service, and a friendly atmosphere.


Vietnamese food is tasty and nutritious by nature. We want you to expect delicious food, exquisitely prepared from only the very freshest, highest quality ingredients, and served promptly by our courteous staff. We want you to have a delightful experience each time you visit Phở Saigon, so that you will come back often.


We want you to fall in love with our Vietnamese cuisine and our restaurant, and to dine with us at least three times per week. Please let us know if there is anything that you can suggest to help us meet these goals.


Kerrie was born in Vietnam near Saigon, and her mother has taught her all her secrets of preparing delicious southern Vietnamese food. Kerrie has also trained under a number of chefs to perfect her techniques and recipes. You will notice Kerrie's exquisite touch in her specialty off-the-menu dishes such as the Vietnamese Pancakes (crêpes) and sticky rice rolls.

Don grew up on the seacoast south of Saigon, where he grew fresh vegetables and caught fresh fish every day to take to the market. His mother taught him how to cook in the rural Vietnamese style, and how to prepare many delicious meals. Overcoming great hardship, Don came to America in the early Eighties and brought with him his love of Vietnamese cuisine and a passion for sharing the delicious flavors and textures with his friends of both Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese ancestry.

Together, Kerrie and Don make a formidable team in the kitchen and in the dining room.